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    Works From & With Nature

  • Furniture

    These willow chairs are fitted with joints made at points of tangency as one willow piece passes another. Click on images for a larger view. This work is made with black locust pegs for each joint of the willow construction. This table was built using only willow twigs sewn together with hemp fibers soaked in …

  • Lanterns

    Lanterns of lacquer hardened twigs and kakishibu treated washi rice paper and or silk, in some cases including gold reflectors. Click on images for a larger view.

  • Vessels

    These wool felt and urushi lacquer vases and vessels were made in collaboration with Kyoto felt artist Jorie Johnson. Click on images for a larger view.

  • About

    For 24 years I have been making willow furniture and other works from and with Nature both in inspiration and material. My most common material for working is willow, whether worked as greenwood or as dried elements for colored twig mosaic. Willow has also formed the basis for my lantern sculptures. These pieces incorporate other …